The GeoRadar investigation method allows to identify, in a non-destructive way, the material discontinuities within the investigated element, both in case of the ground and of a structure laying against the ground. The GeoRadar transmits electromagnetic waves into the ground and records the return time of the waves reflected by the material layers having different physical-mechanical characteristics. Moreover, it allows to clearly scan the position and the geometry of the foundations or other elements buried in the ground (such as pipes, little wells, etc.) as well as identifying water, holes and cavities. The inspection depth varies according to the type of ground, the object to be identified and the used equipment configuration.


Geologic applications

  • Ground discontinuity assessment (layers of different materials).
  • Detection of buried archeological ruins.
  • Engineering applications.
  • Research of structural elements hidden in masonry or floors.
  • Detection of wall texture below plasters or frescos.
  • Control of an injection intervention efficacy.
  • Detection of vacuum, defects, inclusions.
  • Detection of humidity or leakage in masonry.

Control of the paving integrity, detection of vacuum or holes below the surface.




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